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Top 5 cold weather foot care fixes

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Top 5 cold weather foot care fixes

When the colder weather comes, you may think it’s a time to forget about your foot care routine, but you may be shocked to know that the cold weather can also wreak havoc with your toes. Even if you keep them well and truly wrapped up in thick socks and boots you can still suffer from a number of cold weather related ailments

But luckily we’ve put together a list of the top 5 cold weather foot care fixes that will make sure your feet stay in good condition throughout the winter, ready for the warmer weather on the other side.

Winter shoes

So many shoes in winter are just not designed for the seasonal change and don’t provide sufficient insulation and protection from the cold. While you may want to put fashion first, you can still look stylish while also ensuring that your feet don’t turn to blocks of ice by wearing the appropriate footwear.

In the winter months when it’s freezing outside, ditch open shoes and opt for a sturdier ankle, mid or full-length boot. Firstly you can wear socks with them for added warmth, but you can also add a sheepskin insole for added insulation and breathability, while also ensuring your entire foot is covered up.


A well-known cold related foot ailment, chilblains can be incredibly uncomfortable, itchy and in some cases painful. They’re common in cold weather, particularly in people with poor circulation, as when the feet and toes get cold and begin to warm up, the tissue can become damaged as it uses oxygen before the blood circulation has properly kicked in. To avoid chilblains, always make sure you keep your feet warm and well protected during winter and avoid wearing restrictive footwear that can slow circulation down.

Dry Skin

Inevitably the use of central heating and extreme changes in temperatures can cause feet to dry out. Also, layering up with too many socks, can make your feet sweat more, which won’t help either. However, to remedy this, when your feet are already warm, regularly soak them in warm soapy water to soften the dry skin. You can then use a pumice stone or foot file to gently exfoliate dry skin and apply a urea based moisturiser such as Chirocream which is available from us.

Constant cold feet

Many of us suffer from constantly cold feet in the winter. There’s a big temptation to put them in front of direct heat, but your feet may have become numb, therefore you could burn them and increase the risk of chilblains. Instead, warm them up gradually with low heat and rubbing and wear socks – even in bed.

Poor circulation

This also relates to the above with cold feet, as many people with poor circulation suffer from cold feet in the winter, but a good way to help improve circulation is to keep active. Keeping your body moving will help the blood flow down to your feet and if you are still for periods of time, regularly stretch and rotate your feet and ankles to keep the blood flowing.

While these fixes won’t stop the cold weather from coming full stop, they may help you to take better care of your feet during the winter, so they stay happy and healthy all year round.