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How to choose party shoes that won’t damage your feet.

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How to choose party shoes that won’t damage your feet

When it comes to special occasions, a key part of any outfit are the shoes, but many of us will sacrifice our feet for a gorgeous pair of shoes, with little thought of our own comfort and how it might be damaging our feet.

Whether you’re a lover of killer stilettos, chunky wedges, strappy sandals or pretty pumps, we’ve got a guide to choosing party shoes that will not only look fantastic, but won’t damage your feet in the process.

Heel Height

Nothing makes legs look longer, sexier and more toned than a high heel, but you don’t have to opt for skyscraper stilettos to achieve this look. A low or mid-heel (no more than 3 inches) can give you just as good effect for elongating your pins. They will be more comfortable for longer wear and won’t put as much pressure on the balls of your feet, ankles and toes. Also choosing a style that has a tapered heel centred under the heel will give greater stability. If you want something sturdier, a stacked heel with a platform is also an option, which will ease pressure on the balls of your feet and give better balance.

Strap it up

Another great way to give your feet extra support in party shoes is to opt for shoes with adjustable straps, ties or laces, like a gladiator style sandal, with or without a high heel. These are not only bang on trend, but will also keep your feet firmly in place, meaning your toes don’t have to grip to prevent slipping, which in turn will mean they shouldn’t move around and cause rubbing.

The Life and Sole

One major factor in protecting your feet in party shoes is in the sole. All too often party shoes come with ultrathin soles that do nothing to absorb the impact on your feet. This is why choosing a party shoe with a rubber, cork or cushioned sole or opting for fashionable wedges or platforms can be a blessing. They act as shock absorbers for your feet, making them more comfortable and easier to wear for longer. You can also invest in some quality gel inserts for the balls of the feet for extra cushioning or arch insoles that will help support the middle of the feet to relieve pressure.

Go hell for leather

While many of the latest trends use patent leather and plastic, if you want to give your feet a treat you should stick to shoes made from high quality, soft leather or suede. This will give your shoes a lot more flexibility, allowing the material to stretch to fit your feet, rather than pinching them.


If you like a closed toed shoe, avoid the narrow pointy styles and opt for a rounder design with a higher cut that will give your toes more room. This will prevent cramping and avoid rubbing on the widest part of the foot where bunions can develop. These styles are also better-suited for those with wide feet.

This guide should help you find those party shoes you can wear all night long; dancing the night away in comfort and style.